Monday, 1 July 2013

Fan Page

Here it is: the facebook fan page of Poniatowski - Polski Bar & Restauracja in Leipzig.

Work in progress, we keep you updated on developments, asking for advices:

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Until now somehow all these sayings like "if you really want something to happen - believe and it will" seemed kind of utopian. That is until NOW, when you pick up a call from the bank with the decision that you can ACTUALLY realise your dreams and that somebody else believes in it as much as you do. 

Shaking knees, short breath and tears of joy found me in the library - yes, yes I still go there sometimes.... and I must say this is one of the best feelings ever - knowing how much this day will change trajectory of your life until now, influence your friendships, relationships and make you grow :) 

The 'To Do' list is long but there is no doubt that we will be right on time with formalities, rebuilding and throw amazing opening party in the late summer. 

Ok, so let's get to work:

- collect 5.000 eur, 
- find wood-maker for our flooring,
- buy the kitchen
- ... and so on :)

Much love, gotta go now for some beer!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Shaking knees

It's been 4 weeks since we handed in the credit application and we have been invited this Thursday at 15:00 in the bank to get the credit decision that should arrive this week. 
No need to say that heart rate is raising, knees are shaking and so are some other parts of the body ;) 

We know you are still with us, impatiently waiting and hoping for the best! Thank you for that! We definitely let you know about the bank decision, regardless of it - we are already lucky to have so many supporters and people who believe in us and our project.

Sooouuu, keep your fingers, toes [and whatever else you wanna] crossed and you will hear form us on Thursday afternoon!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Application handed in!

Yay! on the 30th of May we finalized application for the KFW credit - after long 3h of filling papers, insurence, laugh and tears we made it! The decision should take ca. 4 weeks, so cross your fingers, toes and other parts of your body :) 

Still we are going to organise some events to raise missing money for our increased sum of start-up capital, of course you can also suupport us with well-known Vouchers :)

We keep you posted about upcoming found-raising events, if you have some ideas, dont hesitate to share them! The more creative the better!
Greetings from sunny weekend in Poland (btw just got Poniatowski's portrait in frame from my Uncle)!

For those who are following us for shorter time, here is the Letter of Explanaiton (our first post) 

Friday, 24 May 2013

Poniatowski's Adventure in the Bank

So here it is: you go back and forth, running the idea in your head for the thousand time and sometimes against the odds of busting your ass for long days and even longer nights, you decide to open a bar. Our will be The Poniatowski Bar. 

Most of you have already read about the Crowd-Founding action and here comes the update!
We met with our Sparkasse Bank advisor who helps us to finalise application for the KFW credit - he found our concept convincing and became a new fan of Poniatowski, huhu! During the meeting it turned out that idea of leasing the kitchen most likely won't work since we are just a start-up company. But - no tears -  the Sparkasse bank can give us 'start-up" credit for the kitchen. The trick is...yes, you got it right- the credit sum increases. 
We were not exactly prepared for that since you know we planned to start up with 5.000 and not 10.000. We are finalising KFW application with the Sparkasse advisor on 30th of May and the credit decision will take some 3-4 weeks afterwards. Once there is "YES" (and c'mon, it has to be the 'yes'!) we must have additional 5.000 eur.

We are not going to lie - it is scary and we are working out ideas how to organise more money for the start of Poniatowski. Therefore you can still get vouchers however we know that the sum is probably quite large to cover it just with those -but the believe is there! Private loans are also an option or a benefit party for Poniatowski?

One thing is sure - we know you want this place to be open as much as we do and together get our polish bar running!

Friday, 10 May 2013


Dear Supporters of Poniatowski! 

On the 8th of May thanks to You we crossed the line of 5.000 EUR on the account!

In the end nothing is impossible when you have so dedicated and energetic people on your side.


Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Whoooppp, we are almost crossing the Finish Line... only 100 EUR are still missing!

We count on you!!!